How to Keep Your Dental Crowns Strong

How to Keep Your Dental Crowns Strong

Dental crowns serve many purposes. They can strengthen weak or damaged teeth, restore tooth functioning, and protect teeth from further wear and tear. Dental crowns can even improve the appearance of teeth with cosmetic issues. Dr. Frederick Bayon, the skilled dentist at Bayon Family Dentistry in Worcester, MA, can have dental crowns custom made for you and help you keep them strong so they last for years to come.

How Dental Crowns Help

There are many ways dental crowns can help your smile. Dental crowns fit over existing teeth like a cap. Once in place, the natural tooth is completely encapsulated inside. The dental crown gives weak or damaged teeth a strong, new exterior that can withstand the pressure of biting into and chewing food. In addition to strengthening damaged teeth and restoring normal functioning, dental crowns also protect teeth from sustaining further damage.

Dental crowns can also improve the appearance of your smile by giving teeth with cosmetic imperfections a flawless new look. Teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, discolored, slightly crooked, or misshaped can all be given a more pleasing appearance with a custom dental crown.

Another way dental crowns can improve the function and appearance of your smile is by serving as replacement teeth. When used in conjunction with a dental implant, bridge, or denture, dental crowns can fill in the gaps caused by tooth loss. The helpful dental professionals at our office in Worcester can determine if dental crowns are an option for you.

Caring for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are extremely durable, but it is still important to take steps to protect them so that they last as long as possible. Some ways to keep your dental crowns strong and prevent damage to them include:

  • Brushing and flossing crowns as part of your regular oral hygiene routine
  • Scheduling dental checkups with cleanings every six months
  • Avoiding foods that are hard or sticky as they could damage your crowns
  • Eliminating habits such as biting your nails or chewing on the end of a pen or pencil¬†
  • Wearing a nightguard if you grind your teeth in your sleep
  • Wearing a mouth guard during sports or other rigorous activities

Dental crowns can restore both function and beauty to your smile since they perform and look just like natural teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bayon to learn more about dental crowns by calling Bayon Family Dentistry in Worcester, MA at (508) 755-0372.

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