Do Dental Implants Feel Natural?

Do Dental Implants Feel Natural?

If you have missing or broken teeth, dental implants in Worcester, MA might be a good solution for you. Dr. Timothy Haffner and Dr. Frederick Bayon of Bayon Family Dentistry can help determine if you’re a good candidate.

Do Implants Really Feel Natural?

There are several options for replacing missing or broken teeth, including dentures, bridges, and – more recently – implants. Implants have been a favored option among many people as they are said to provide a more natural-feeling solution. The question among many is whether that’s true. The following facts can help answer this question.

They Are Inserted Into Your Jaw

Implants have a titanium screw that is put into your jaw. They don’t move, loosen, or fall out. This makes them feel more natural than dentures that tend to move.

When you first get your implants, you’ll have to be careful when you eat as your mouth will be sore. However, after recovery, you can eat as comfortably as you would with your own teeth.

Implants Are Made to Mimic Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants in Worcester, MA are designed to look, fit, and feel like your natural teeth. While errors are always possible, with the right dental specialist, your implants will be as close to your real teeth as possible.

They Have No Roots or Nerves

The biggest difference in the feel of natural teeth and implants is that implants don’t have nerves or roots. This means that you will not feel any heat, coldness, pressure, and other sensations that you normally feel with natural teeth.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, as people with sensitive teeth can attest to. It’s just the biggest difference you should notice if you choose to get implants.

If you think that dental implants in Worcester, MA are a good choice for you, call Bayon Family Dentistry at (508) 755-0372 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bayon or Dr. Haffner. They can discuss your options with you and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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